Awarua White Fine

Awarua White Fine

These decorative pebbles come in size 8-14mm. We have other sizes available.

Awarua Fine is a small, rounded pebble stone. Premium washed white stones are great for landscaping. They give a classic, bright look in the garden. These decorative stones are locally sourced. They’re great for a low maintenance garden as they’re great for weed suppression. Just pop them on top of a good layer of weed mat.

Suggested usages:

  • On weed mat for presentation and low maintenance

  • Fire pits

  • Patios

  • Edging of gardens

You can also purchase this product in a handyman bag (25-30kg bag).

Sorry, this product is out of stock.

This product isn't available for purchase through our website. Please contact the branch to arrange purchasing as due to the size of the product there are conditions around delivery etc.

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per m3
Load must be between 0.5m3 and 3.0m3.
Only one bulk product per load.