EZ Street Asphalt - 20Kg

EZ Street Asphalt - 20Kg

Permanent asphalt, works in water and all weather. EZ Street Asphalt is used by Australian and New Zealand road authorities and sets on compaction. The 20 kg bucket is ideal for home use and easy to transport. Great for those DIY jobs. Place in just three easy steps. It’s great for potholes or driveway repair.

A 20 Kg of EZ Street will cover approx. 0.30 m3 at 25 mm depth 

We’re pleased to announce that in New Zealand we have reviewed the packaging of our EZ Street® Asphalt product.

The 20 kg bagged product now utilises up to 20% recycled material in the PET layer.

After thorough research, we’re pleased to introduce the revised EZ Street® Asphalt bucket, which is manufactured from 100% recycled New Zealand plastic.

This is a massive green step for EZ Street® Asphalt New Zealand.

Even the plastic liner in the bucket is manufactured from an Ecolite material which utilises 33% less plastic.

For a number of years, this product has already been used successfully nationally.

We’re excited about this new approach to packaging.


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per m3
Load must be between 0.5m3 and 3.0m3.
Only one bulk product per load.